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Safe Toys and Games

Safe Toys and Games

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Tips for Buying Safe Toys and Games

            During the 2017 holiday season, Chapa-De wants to make sure our patients are thoughtful when giving and receiving toys and games.

When buying toys and games for your children, the thought of getting them something they will love may overshadow the safety features associated with them. Before you make these purchases, Chapa-De has a few safety reminders that are important to consider when buying gifts, especially for children and infants under the age of three.

Tips for buying safe toys and games:

  • Inspect all toys and games before purchasing.
  • Avoid toys that shoot or include parts that fly off, have sharp edges, or can be pulled apart easily.
  • When giving gifts of sports equipment, be sure to include the safety protective gear along with it.
  • When searching for toys, look for labels that have been inspected by the American Society for Testing and Materials and is marked with ‘ASTM’.
  • Only give crayons, markers and other art supplies that have been labeled as ‘non-toxic’.
  • Be sure to inspect all toys and games that your child receives to make sure they are appropriate for their age, skill level and developmental appropriateness.


Along with inspecting the gifts prior to purchasing, it is also important to inspect the gifts your child receives once they begin opening the packaging.

  • Immediately discard plastic wrapping or packaging to avoid dangerous situations.
  • Battery charging of certain toys should be monitored by adults as chargers and adapters can pose thermal hazards to young children.
  • Always keep younger children away from toys meant for older children.

Chapa-De wishes you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

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