Medi-Cal & Medicare

Chapa-De Accepts Medi-Cal & Medicare Insurance Plans.

We accept both Medi-Cal Managed Care plans that are
available to patients in our area, Anthem Blue Cross and
California Health and Wellness, as well as straight Medi-Cal.

How To Sign Up For Medi-Cal

If you do not have Medi-Cal, but want to sign up – we have staff that will help you find out if you qualify. Medi-Cal can be a complicated and sometimes confusing system to navigate. At Chapa-De, our friendly staff is here to help you every step of the way.

To learn more about our enrollment services, please contact our Eligibility Specialist, Gilbert Riojas. Gilbert is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish, and will work with you to determine which programs and benefits can help make your healthcare affordable.  Gilbert can be reached at 530-887-2800 ext. 2883.

Did You Know?

Under a new law, SB 75, all children 19 years of age and younger now qualify for Medi-Cal regardless of their immigration status. We welcome these children and their families to Chapa-De!

To determine if you qualify for Medi-Cal, we encourage you to visit  For Medicare, visit

Do You Already Have Medi-Cal Coverage?


At Chapa-De, we take the time to get to know our patients and their individual healthcare needs. As a patient of Chapa-De, you can expect to receive high quality, compassionate care every time you visit our health centers.


If you are currently a Medi-Cal recipient and assigned to a different Primary Care Provider, we would be happy to assist you in switching to Chapa-De for your healthcare needs.


Chapa-De provides medical care, dental care, optometry, behavioral health, pharmacy services and much more. Call today to schedule an appointment with Chapa-De:

Auburn Health Center
(530) 887-2800
11670 Atwood Road
Auburn, CA 95603

Grass Valley Health Center
(530) 477-8545
1350 East Main Street
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Did You Also Know?


Medi-Cal will provide FREE transportation
to your medical appointments*

*Transportation is for medical appointments only.  This
does not apply to dental or other service appointments.

To Coordinate Free Transportation:

California Health & Wellness Patients can call 877-658-0305

Anthem Blue Cross Patients can call 877-931-4755