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Childrens Health Day

Children’s Health Day

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Child Health Day

Each year, Children’s Health Day is observed in October to raise awareness for the environment and how it can affect your child’s health and wellbeing. Protecting children where they live, learn and play is important to ensure healthy growth and develop.

Studies show that spending time in green, natural environments can have positive impacts on children’s mental and physical health. Along with spending ample time outdoors, there are many other ways to participate in Children’s Health Day.

How can my children and I participate in Children’s Health Day?


  • Keep our air breathable: encourage fitness, reduce traffic and reduce air pollution all at the same time by limiting how often you drive your children to school and after-school activities; have them walk, bike or use public transportation.
  • Help kids eat healthier: Feed your kids more fruits and vegetables, less sugar, and fewer carbonated beverages and processed foods. Have regular family meals and be a role model by eating healthy yourself!
  • Be Sun-Wise. Help kids avoid sunburns with sun-protective clothing, hats, sunscreen and by seeking shade when the sun’s rays are the strongest (between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm each day).


How can Chapa-De help my child stays healthy?

Bringing your children in for routine well-child appointments with their Primary Care Provider can ensure that your child is on their way to developing healthy lifestyles. Proper vaccinations can also aide in preventing the spread of diseases, and protect all the children in your community.

Every child deserves a real opportunity to fully develop individually, socially, and emotionally. By ensuring we provide children with a clean, healthy environment to grow in, you, along with Chapa-De are helping prepare them for the future.

Contact Chapa De for information to help improve your child’s health and well being.


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