10 Tips to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Article verified for accuracy by Martin Melgoza
Lead Behavioral Health Clinician
May 23, 2024



A few weeks ago, we talked about how a body in motion stays in motion. This means that keeping your body moving makes it easier to keep using it as you get older. It’s like that with your brain, too. You got to use it, or you lose it. Here are 7 tips to help keep your brain sharp and strong well into your golden years.

1. Play Away

Our brains like games. Try challenging yours with Sudoku or a word search. This keeps our brains on their toes as they try to figure out the next puzzle.

2. Get Moving

Exercising isn’t just good for your heart. It is also great for your brain! Moving your body gets the blood moving through your body and helps get more oxygen to your brain. This helps your brain stay powered on.

3. Eat Some Good Fat

Did you know that our brains are made from mostly fat? Add some olive oil to your diet or mix in some more seeds for Omega-3s. These help feed your brain and replace used energy.

4. Quit Smoking

More oxygen = better brain health. When you breathe in smoke, it competes with the oxygen for space in your lungs, and less gets to your brain. Plus, smoking is known to contaminate your body with toxic chemicals that also can affect brain function.

5. Drink Less

Alcohol has been shown to cause our brains to lose connections that handle balance, memory, and other important functions. Drinking heavily can cause irreversible damage.

6. Change It Up

When you do the same thing the same way every day, your brain can go into autopilot mode. Switch it up every now and then so your brain has to pay attention.

7. Get Some More Sleep

Sleeping helps the body get rid of toxins and refresh. It’s also when memory is consolidated or stored away like a file in a computer. Adults should aim for seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.

8. Be With Your People

When you are surrounded by and socialize with your family, friends, and community, your brain gets all the good hormone releases. This helps your brain fight off stress and the brain damage that can come with it.

9. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is feeling thankful for what you have. This can be for anything in your life that is positive.  You can be grateful for something big like your family or small like hitting a green light. Practicing gratitude helps rewire your brain to look for the positives in life, not just the bad.

10. Get Ahead: Schedule Time With Your Provider

Your brain works hard every day to keep you going. We can help you return the favor. Make time to talk to your provider about how you can keep your brain and body healthy. Schedule a wellness visit with your primary care provider today.

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