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Chapa-De’s Telehealth Services

Chapa-De’s Telehealth Services

Chapa-De Indian Health Auburn Grass Valley | Medical Clinic

At Chapa-De, we want all our patients to know that during COVID-19, and all throughout the year, we are here for you. While we are taking extensive measures to keep our patients and staff safe, we are also now offering telehealth and telephone visits. Our health centers are also open for in-person visits when they are necessary.

What is telehealth? Telehealth allows you to have a live two-way conversation with your provider using the camera and microphone within your cell phone or tablet or with a webcam attached to your computer. This allows patients to have a visit with their healthcare team without leaving the comfort of their home or preferred location.

What can I use telehealth for? Most visits with your Chapa-De Medical and Behavioral Health Providers can be accomplished using Telehealth. This is includes:

  • Care for Chronic Conditions
  • Sick Visits
  • Wellness and Health Maintenance Visits
  • Medication Management Visits
  • Therapy Sessions
  • And much more!

How do I start? Call Chapa-De for an appointment. Our helpful staff will recommend if a telehealth appointment can meet your needs. They will also explain how to prepare for and join the visit.

We are currently using Zoom for our telehealth visits. Zoom is an easy to use program that can be downloaded and used on a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Watch: Using Zoom for a Telehealth Visit with Chapa-De Indian Health

Download Zoom on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store HERE.

Is Zoom Secure? Chapa-De has put safeguards in place to create a more secure and protected experience when using Zoom. We use Zoom for Business and follow the security recommendations which include using virtual waiting rooms and private meeting IDs. The problems you may have heard about in the news occurred during non-business Zoom sessions where security recommendations were not followed.

How can I prepare for a Telehealth Appointment?

1) Before Your Appointment:

  • Prepare for the conversation
      • Make a list – write down two or three topics you want to discuss. This will help ensure you won’t forget anything important and is especially vital when the visit is via phone or video-chat.
  • Keep track of when your symptoms started and if they’ve changed
      • A symptom diary may show clues to what’s causing your condition. Keep a brief record of when symptoms occur, what seems to cause or worsen them, and what relieves them. Do this in a way that is easy for you – on your phone’s notes app or on a sheet of paper for example.
  • Make sure you have your medications at hand
      • A Medical Assistant will review your medications with you, and it works best when you have your medications in their original bottle or package in front of you. This will provide a correct list for your provider that is caring for you. 

2) Be Ready to Talk:

  • Find a quiet place
      • It can be hard to hear if there is a lot going on around you. Try to find a quiet place with good cell phone reception to receive your provider’s call. If you’re using Zoom, give it a try before your visit starts. That way, you can troubleshoot any problems and call the clinic if you are having trouble.
  • Avoid phone tag
      • Be ready to answer your phone or join the video chat at the appointment time.

See our full tip sheet by clicking HERE

Chapa-De is pleased to offer new ways for our patients to connect with the services and care they need. We are here to assist with your routine healthcare needs and are also your resource for questions or concerns related to COVID-19.

For more information about Chapa-De or to schedule an appointment, call our Auburn location at (530) 887-2800 or our Grass Valley location at (530) 477-8545 or visit us online at


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