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Have a safe summer!

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June is National Safety Month!

Chapa-De Indian Health encourages all patients to make safety a top priority this summer!

During National Safety Month, our focus is on preventing injuries and reducing the amounts of deaths related to unintentional accidents.

At Chapa-De,

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What does it mean to be a “healthy man”?

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June is National Men’s Health Month!

In support of National Men’s Health Month, Chapa-De Indian Health encourages all male patients to seek regular medical advice and early preventative treatments. Our team of healthcare professionals at our Auburn and Grass Valley health centers can help guide patients towards a healthy and proactive lifestyle through regular check-ups and preventive care measures.

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Looking for help with chronic pain? Chapa-De is here for you!

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Living with Chronic Pain Can Lead to Depression

But Chapa-De is here to help!

At Chapa-De we have a team of therapists and psychiatrists who work in our medical department and alongside our medical care teams. We are here to serve patients who are currently struggling with some type of mental or emotional health issue.