Your Story is Our Story: Chapa-De Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Can you believe that Chapa-De Indian Health is turning 50 this year? That is 50 years of supporting our community through dental, medical, behavioral health, optometry, diabetes, and maternal child health care. Chapa-De was established in 1974 and was originally called the Northern Sierra Indian Health Program. We had one dental chair, but it made a big impact for our community which didn’t really have access to dental care at all.

Since then, our organization has seen the community we serve grow. New generations are born and continue to come to Chapa-De where they get whole-person care. We are proud to be a part of our patients’ stories just like these.

“I found out about Chapa De because I am a Native patient. My immunization shots were given to me at the Auburn clinic. I remember being so scared to get a shot that I cried when they took my temperature but didn’t even flinch when I got shot. The staff has always been pretty good to me. The receptionist from Auburn over the years was always a wonderful person. I can’t remember her name but she always answered the phone with a native dialect ‘Chapa-De Indian health, how can we help you.’ I have been a patient for over 35 years that I can remember, possibly my whole life of 41 years.”

-Roland H., Chapa-De Patient

“My mother, Linda Streeter (Alvarez) was one of the early founders of Chapa-De when it was started on Dewitt Avenue. Back then, there was no Indian health program in Auburn… I was a little girl when these things started, but I recall my mom, Jill Harvey, Hickey Murray and Jessica Tavarez were friends who participated in a lot of meetings to help get a clinic started. I do not recall what their roles were, specifically, but I remember being dragged to a lot of meetings that seemed to take a very long time to get done.

Then, the clinic was opened, and I was one of the first 100 patients at Chapa-De Indian Health. My patient ID number is just two digits, so I often get feedback on that when I go there. I believe my family had difficulties with services in the early days, because of the difficulty in getting funding for quality caregivers, but Chapa-De helped unify the local community before United Auburn Indian Community was restored to federal recognition. I am proud of my mother for giving her time to this important endeavor. If we didn’t have people volunteer and give their precious time, Chapa-De would not be here today.”

– Michelle L., Chapa-De Patient

“My family has been with Chapa-De Grass Valley for 20 years and have received life-changing medical treatment. They have helped us manage every issue we have had and are having… We have pulled through at least 4 life issues where death was next. Still alive and receiving the best treatment. Along with the doctors + PAs and Behavioral Therapy, the pharmacy caught a specialist’s mistake. 

Thank you to all including the receptionist and referral department!”

-Melissa M., Chapa-De Patient

Your stories make up our story. Follow us on social media as we continue to share stories all year long. We can’t wait for 50 more years of stories to come.

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