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Prenatal Care Services

Prenatal Care Services

Chapa-De Indian Health Auburn Grass Valley | Medical Clinic

The prenatal team at Chapa-De Indian Health provides a wide range of services. Our care team offers both healthcare and education to our patients. They cover pregnancy, newborn care and future family planning. Patients can access these services at both our Auburn and Grass Valley Health Centers.

Prenatal Care Services

Our highly trained and caring staff supports mothers through every step of their pregnancy and beyond. We offer monthly check-ups, along with tests and exams to ensure both mother and baby are healthy. Additional one-on-one appointments with a Registered Nurse (RN) provide extra support and education around pregnancy, childbirth, baby care, breastfeeding and more!

The prenatal care services at Chapa-De support the health of the mother and the baby. This includes:

  • Care for the baby during pregnancy
  • Care for the mother during pregnancy
  • Preparing for after baby arrives

Learn more about Prenatal Care Services HERE.

Our Partners

There are many kinds of people who can be a part of prenatal care. This can include members of the Chapa-De team, and our community partners, such as:

  • Doctors
  • Nurse midwives
  • Nurses
  • Health educators
  • Community health workers
  • Social workers
  • Nutritionists
  • Job counselors
  • Medi-Cal workers
  • Family planning counselors
  • And more!

We team up with many partners to offer the best care to our patients!

We offer prenatal care with our physicians up to 34-36 weeks of pregnancy.  At 34-36 weeks, our partner Camelia Women’s Health, takes over prenatal care for the final weeks of pregnancy through delivery! They are your Delivery Team at Mercy San Juan Medical Center.

Baby Luv Program

The Baby Luv Program is set up to encourage patients to play an active role in their care. Prenatal patients can earn points at each of their regular pregnancy visits and educational classes. These points can be used in our Baby Luv store for a variety of items, which includes:

  • Baby clothing
  • Blankets
  • Monitors
  • Boppy nursing pillows
  • And much more!

Our Baby Luv Program can empower new and expecting mothers. It helps to support a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

To learn more, contact the Chapa-De Baby Luv Program at (530) 863-4681.

For more information about Chapa-De, call our Auburn location at (530) 887-2800 or our Grass Valley location at (530) 477-8545 or visit us online at


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