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April is Alcohol Awareness Month

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Did you know that drinking too much can harm your health?

Chapa-De Indian Health provides all community members in Auburn and Grass Valley with a safe environment to learn about alcohol dependency and to improve their health.

In the United States, excessive alcohol use leads to approximately 88,000 deaths per year.

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Infant Immunization Week 2017

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Love Them. Protect Them. Immunize Them.

National Infant Immunization Week

April 22-29, 2017

At Chapa-De we believe that immunizations are a safe and effective way to protect our children and the whole community from preventable diseases. As part of National Infant Immunization Week,

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Don’t Miss Your Free Community Health Day!

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Community Health Day Is Coming To You!

Chapa-De Indian Health, and co-sponsor California Health and Wellness, is excited to host Community Health Day, which is open to the entire community in Auburn and Grass Valley (and of course all our surrounding communities).

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Keeping “Prevention” Affordable with Chapa-De

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Chapa-De Indian Health Receives $150,000 Kaiser Permanente Grant to Help Reduce Heart Attacks and Strokes for Patients

Chapa-De is excited to receive a $150,000 grant from Kaiser Permanente. This grant will help our team assist those most at risk of heart attacks and strokes.