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You Matter, You Are Not Alone | Suicide Prevention Day

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World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10th 2017, marks the 15th World Suicide Prevention day. Every year, more than 800,000 people die by suicide. More than 25 times as many make a suicide attempt.

This year, Chapa- De is focused on changing as many lives as possible, with suicide prevention awareness. Chapa-De is committed to offering continued mental health and emotional support to all members of our community. If you or a loved one suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues, please CONTACT US today to learn about the support that is available to you.

Make a difference, together

Individuals who have lived through a suicide attempt have taught us much about how the words and actions of others are important. Take a minute to reach out to someone in-need, and it could change the course of their life.

Knowing when a loved one or community member is considering suicide may be difficult since there is no single cause for suicide. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, increase the risk for suicide. Although there may be no single cause, there are warning signs that are important to be aware of.

Warning Signs of Suicide:

  • Talk
    • If a person talks about being a burden to others, feeling trapped, experiencing unbearable pain, having no reason to live, killing themselves.
  • Behavior
    • Increased use of alcohol or drugs
    • Looking for ways to end their lives
    • Acting recklessly or aggressively
    • Withdrawing from activity
    • Isolating themselves form family and friends
    • Sleeping too much or too little
    • Giving away prized possession
  • Mood
    • Depression
    • Loss of interest
    • Rage
    • Irritability
    • Humiliation
    • Anxiety

If you or someone you know has been thinking about committing suicide, you are not alone. Confidential help is available for free, 24 hours a day at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Please call, 1-800-273-8255.

There are various resources we can use in order to help those struggling with depression and other risk factors of suicide. Chapa-De offers Behavioral and Mental Health services designed to help our patients deal with mental and emotional health issues such as depression, anxiety, mood instability and anger management.

To make an appointment with a Chapa-De care team, please call (530) 887-2828 for our Auburn location or (530) 477-1753 for Grass Valley.


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