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Get Your Play On! Getting Outside Can Improve Mental Health

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Chapa-De celebrates National Park & Recreation Month during the Month of July!

During National Park and Recreation Month, Chapa-De wants to remind you of the benefits of local parks and recreation centers.  We want to encourage the community and our patients to explore and enjoy local parks, and encourage being outside during daily activities.

For children and adults, playing is an important part to our mental well-being, physical health and personal relationships. Parks and Recreation areas offer a safe option for relaxation and enjoyment which can help improve the health and well-being of the community members.

This year’s theme is “Get Your Play On” which encourages all members of the Chapa-De community to go outside this month, play and enjoy being outdoors. There is so much to discover at your local parks, so tell your friends, family, neighbors and community members to get their play on this July!

How can I participate in national Parks and Recreation Month?

  • Sign your kids up for Summer Camps
  • Join an Adult Sports League
  • Take a Hike or explore different hiking and walking trails
  • Have a Picnic
  • Try new workout classes such as Zumba or Yoga in the Park
  • Meet up with friends in the park

Chapa-De understands that there are many aspects to improving one’s mental health. According to a study by Standford University, enjoying the outdoors is just one way that may help a person reduce the symptoms of depression. If you are looking for mental health services, wondering if you have depression, or just need someone to talk to, please CONTACT Chapa-De today to schedule an appointment with our Mental Health Services team.


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