Sami Enos

Sami Enos – Meet Our Team 

Sami Enos – Meet Our Team 

Chapa-De Indian Health Auburn Grass Valley | Medical Clinic

Chapa-De Indian Health is committed to supporting the wellbeing of our Native patients. As part of this, we offer additional services for verified American Indian and Alaskan Native clients. Sami Enos is a Community Health Representative at Chapa-De. She is a member of the Patient Engagement team. In her role, Sami helps connects Native patients to the tribal and community resources that can make a big impact in their lives.

Through Sami, our Native patients can get help with their Indian Verification paperwork. Sami can help with cultural connections as well. She works with other Native agencies to ensure our community is fully supported. Native patients can get help with accessing things such as:

  • Food resources
  • Rent assistance
  • Legal advice
  • Transportation
  • And more

Chapa-De believes in promoting more than just a patient’s health. We value their overall wellbeing. These vital resources can be the key to the wellbeing of a patient and their family.

As a Native person, Sami understands the value of promoting the health and wellbeing of Native peoples. She said, “I know what it is like to have a difficult time and need help. I have reached out to our community and native agencies for support for many reasons. It is very important to me that we support and advocate for our native people’s physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.”

Sami has been a part of the Chapa-De team for 9 years. She said she loves working at Chapa-De because “it keeps me connected to our native people and native agencies. It keeps me connected with our culture, traditions that are so important to me personally and to our native community.”

Teamwork is an important part of Chapa-De’s approach to care. Team members often work together across departments. “It helps to have different ideas and discussions that can help our patients get the services that they need,” Sami said.  “There is a better, healthier outcome having so many different departments work together.”

An additional portion of Sami’s role is cultural awareness. Sami works with the rest of the Chapa-De team to promote culturally competent care. Chapa-De serves a diverse group of Native peoples, so it is important for our team to have cultural awareness. She said, “We may come from different tribes and areas, but we all have a foundation that holds and supports our traditions, culture, teachings and way of life.”

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