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Preventative Care: Taking Control of Your Health

Preventative Care

Taking Control of Your Health

Chapa-De Indian Health Auburn Grass Valley | Medical Clinic

Spring is full of new beginnings and there is no better time to prioritize your health as a form of self-care. When taking care of yourself, it goes deeper than cucumber eye covers. It starts with your health.

Start at home

You can start taking control of your health right from your own home. Life changes are never easy but starting small by having another cup of water is a good place to begin. Pairing that with cooking healthy meals at home can get you feeling good from the inside. This may also help lower your weight and make you feel good on the outside.

Finding time to focus on yourself can be hard but making it a priority can help. Dedicating 20 minutes a day to get outside and walk or making sure to add a vegetable to your dinner are small steps that can add up to better health. Check out this heart-healthy recipe the whole family will love!

These steps sound good in theory, but where do you even start? We suggest scheduling an appointment with your healthcare team. They can help you to make a plan you feel good about.

Combining self-care with your preventative care

Routine appointments for medical and dental are often put on the back burner. It is good to schedule time with your provider at least once a year to catch up on what has been happening with your body and mind. Depending on your age, different screenings might also be needed to look for the most common illnesses. This can help catch them early and get them treated before those illnesses become a problem.

Dental visits are often the last thing on people’s minds when they are not having tooth pain. However, your teeth have a direct relationship to your health. Seeing your dentist for a routine cleaning at least once a year can reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 14%. Regular cleanings and checkups also help prevent gum disease and other serious problems like decay and infections before they start hurting your health.

We can help

You deserve a healthy life. With a team of providers specializing in preventative care, Chapa-De can help you take control of your health. From checkups to health classes, we can work with you to make a plan you can feel good about. Give us a call to get started at (530) 887-2800 (Auburn) or (530) 477-8545 (Grass Valley).


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