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National Food Bank Day


National Food Bank Day

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Since 2017, the first Friday of September has been recognized as National Food Bank Day. We want to take this chance to discuss food banks, and the important role they play in keeping the community healthy. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, up to 54 million people in the United States may face hunger. Food banks can help!

What is a Food Bank?

Food banks and food pantries are different types of organizations. Food banks are larger and handle collecting and storing donated food. Food banks then distribute the food to smaller organizations, the food pantries. The food pantries distribute the food directly those in need. Food banks are able to collect and store larger quantities of food that smaller organizations would not be able to access or handle. Food banks help make sure all communities have access to food. No matter the size of the community!

Learn more about food banks in California HERE.

Where to Find Help in Your Community

Both Placer County and Nevada County have information and resources available to help end hunger. Resources include food banks and pantries, farmers’ markets, congregate meals, and more! Find more information about the food resources in your community:

Placer County

Nevada County

Learn more about the many resources in Placer County HERE.

Learn more about the many resources in Nevada County HERE.

Here at Chapa-De, we want to help you live a healthy life! If you or someone you know is struggling with hunger, we encourage you to reach out for help.

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