Meet Our Physician Residents Drs. Nick Sparr and Kelty White

Meet Our Physician Residents Drs. Nick Sparr and Kelty White

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Chapa-De is proud to be a teaching facility and to help train the next generation of physicians. Resident physicians with the new Sierra Nevada Family Medicine Residency Program are starting their training program this month in Sacramento and will arrive at Chapa-De Grass Valley this time next year. Being a part of a medical residency training program is an exciting opportunity for our patients, our staff, and the wider community.

About the Program

The Sierra Nevada Family Medicine Residency is made possible by a partnership between Common Spirit/Dignity Health, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and Chapa-De. Two residents per year will be welcomed into the 3-year program. Our first two residents are starting their residency training this month at Methodist Hospital in Sacramento. In July 2024, they will come to Grass Valley where they will work at Chapa-De and Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. The residents will see both new and existing patients at our health centers and will receive support and oversight from our outstanding team of providers.

To learn more, check out the May 2023 Chapa-De News HERE.

Benefits for Patients and Providers

There are many benefits to having a resident physician as a primary care provider. This can include:

  • Residents are physicians who are fresh out of medical school. They are the most up to-date on medical care, innovation, and learning.
  • They have more time per visit to listen to patient concerns and answer questions.
  • They are under the guidance of experienced physicians. Patients will have more than one provider offering care.
  • They are seeing patients in both hospitals and clinics. This connects them with many types of specialists and gives them well rounded knowledge and experience.

Studies have shown that physicians have more job satisfaction when teaching becomes a part of their practice. As a teaching facility, all Chapa-De providers will benefit from the on-going medical education that takes place here.

All physicians have been a resident at some point. They have each been shaped by the patients that they have cared for. This program will let our patients have a chance to help train the next generation of physicians. 

Meet Our Residents – Nick Sparr

Nick Sparr graduated from the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine. He has an impressive work history in the medical field. He has worked as a nursing assistant in an adult inpatient psychiatry unit and spent twelve years working in phlebotomy. He also spent time working as a manager at a lab. He is passionate about community health and helping with local organizations.

Dr. Sparr is from Beaverton, Oregon. His personal interests include downhill skiing in places like Mt. Hood, Crested Butte, and Arapahoe Basin. He also enjoys woodworking and shade tree mechanics.

“It is my guiding principle that my obligation is to help people. As a family medicine physician, I will be most able to meet this obligation.” – Dr. Nick Sparr

Meet Our Residents – Kelty White

Kelty White graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. Prior to medical school, she earned her bachelor’s degree in biology with Magna Cum Laude honors. She has focused on women’s health, rural medicine, and “gut” health. She spent ten years working in the service industry before and during medical school. She also worked for two years as a certified nursing assistant.

Dr. White is from Truckee. Her personal hobbies are skiing, mountain biking, climbing, partner acrobatics, construction/trade work, gardening, and spending time with her dogs.

“Family medicine is one of the few places I have seen alignment of the patient desire for sustainable wellness and medical management. The goal is not to prevent death or have answers, it is to feel better. Even within a challenging system, the holistic approach to patient care I have seen family physicians take is refreshing and inspiring.” – Dr. Kelty White

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