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COVID Boosters

COVID Boosters

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You have questions? Chapa-De Indian Health has answers.

Updated COVID-19 boosters are now available, and you might find yourself wondering – what are they, who should get them and when?

At Chapa-De Indian Health, our team is here to provide our patients with helpful information and education so that they feel confident in making well-informed decisions about their health.

The updated booster dose works to boost immunity against the original coronavirus strain while also protecting against the newer Omicron variants that account for 99% of all new cases. The goal of the new formula is to deliver higher protection, longer protection, and broader protection.

There is a great deal of information circulating around and it is normal to have questions. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions that we are hearing from our patients. Let’s stay informed and continue to combat COVID-19 together!

What are the updated COVID-19 boosters?

The updated boosters are bivalent, which means the formula covers two variants – the original Wuhan virus and newer Omicron (BA.5) variants. Updated COVID-19 boosters are intended to provide optimal protection against the virus. Individuals age 12 and up are eligible for the updated Pfizer booster and adults age 18 and up are eligible for the updated Moderna booster.

Are the updated booster shots safe?

Yes, updated booster shots are proven to be safe. COVID-19 vaccines and booster doses have undergone the most intensive safety monitoring in history. To date, over 600 million people throughout the country have safely received COVID-19 vaccinations.

How long after my last vaccine should I get my updated booster shot?

You should get an updated booster shot at least two months after your most recent booster or primary series of the COVID-19 vaccine. It is recommended that you get a booster shot as soon as you are eligible.

Can I get the updated booster if I haven’t been vaccinated yet?
No. The updated bivalent formula is in use only for COVID-19 booster doses, not for the initial vaccination. The CDC recommend that unvaccinated people get their primary series and then wait at least two months to get the updated booster dose.

Should I get the new COVID-19 booster if I have received a booster previously?
Yes. The CDC recommends that everyone age 12 and up get an updated COVID-19 booster this fall to stay current on vaccinations. The same is true for people who completed their primary series or received one or two boosters previously and meet the minimum time requirement of two months since their last vaccine.

Can I mix and match my COVID-19 vaccine and booster?
Yes. Eligible individuals can get either the Pfizer or Moderna updated booster, regardless of whether their primary series or most recent dose was with Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax or the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

What is the status for updated booster doses for children under 12?
Updated Pfizer booster doses are authorized for individuals age 12 and older. The CDC continues to recommend that children aged five and up get a booster at least five months after completing their primary series. For children 5-12 years of age, the original booster dose formula is still authorized for use.

What are possible side effects of a booster vaccine?
Reported side effects of a booster vaccine are similar to those following the two-dose or single-dose primary shots. Most side effects are mild to moderate and include headache, nausea, or tiredness. These are normal signs that your body is building protection and they should go away in a day or two.  

Should I consider getting my flu shot at the same time as my booster?
Absolutely! In addition to staying current on COVID-19 booster shots, we recommend that everyone receive a flu shot this fall. Flu vaccination is proven to have many benefits, including reducing the risk of flu illnesses, hospitalization, and flu-related death in children.

How can I get my COVID-19 vaccine or booster dose today?

Moderna and Novavax vaccines and Moderna bivalent booster doses are available at Chapa-De for established patients and American Indian community members. There are also many local choices for getting your COVID-19 vaccine and booster. Please visit to find additional vaccine options and locations that may work for you.

If you still have questions and concerns, please contact your medical provider for more information. Chapa-De is currently accepting new patients.

For more information about Chapa-De, call our Auburn location at (530) 887-2800 or our Grass Valley location at (530) 477-8545 or visit us online at


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