Chapa-De Dental Services & Programs

Chapa-De Dental Services & Programs

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Even though we don’t always realize it, dental health is a big part of our overall health. It is easy to ignore toothaches and overall dental health when we have other things to worry about. But paying attention to your teeth and how they feel is a big part of making sure you stay healthy.

Today we observe National Toothache Day. Leaving toothaches untouched can lead to a variety of health issues. So, take a minute today to see how your teeth feel. If you have any aches or pains, take the time to get them fixed so you can continue to live a healthy life!

What does it mean if I have a toothache?

In addition to your tooth aching, there are a few symptoms you may experience if you are suffering from a toothache. These include:

  • Sharp, throbbing tooth pain
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Fever or headache
  • Bad tasting drainage from the infected tooth
  • Click HERE for more information on toothache symptoms.

Your teeth may ache for many different reasons. The most common reasons for toothaches are:

What happens if I leave my toothache untreated?

If you ignore a toothache, you may begin to suffer from:

  • Nerve damage
  • Facial swelling
  • Worse pain
  • Click HERE to read more about the dangers of ignoring toothaches.

Dental Care at Chapa-De

Dr. Karunakaran has been a Chapa-De Dentist for 9 years and she understands patients’ concerns when stepping into her office. “Letting someone examine your mouth can be a very personal thing and can make some patients uncomfortable. That is why trust is so important here. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere of safety and knowledge,” says Dr. Karunakaran. Being patient-centric and understanding patient concerns is something that we at Chapa-De care about. Whether you’re in Dr. Karunakaran’s office or speaking with a receptionist, we want you to know that our goal is to preserve your health every day.

We recognize that dental care is an important part of your overall health. That is why we have created a dental care system that exists to make sure your teeth are just as healthy as the rest of you. The dental services we offer are:

  • Diagnostic Exams
  • Oral Hygiene Instruction
  • Dental Prophylaxis (cleaning)
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Restorative Care (fillings)
  • Dental Appliances (crowns, bridges, dentures)
  • Limited Root Canals
  • Limited Oral Surgery
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Orthodontia (in Auburn only)
  • For more information on our dental services, click HERE.

Visit our website to learn about all of our dental services:

If you have any questions about your dental health or the dental care we provide, please call our Auburn location at (530) 887-2810 or our Grass Valley location at (530) 477-8545 or visit us online at

Chapa-De Dental Services & Programs
Chapa-De Indian Health Auburn Grass Valley | Medical Clinic


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