A Special Message from Bill Jornlin, MD

"The COVID-19 vaccine is a good vaccine; the science behind it is solid and it is safe. The little piece of mRNA from the vaccine disappears in 5-10 minutes, it doesn't hang around, it doesn't become part of your DNA, there are no tracking agents or nanobots or any of the other weird thing we've heard about. My whole family had the vaccine; I had some chills and fatigue for a couple days but my family and medical assistant had none of those. Only some of us get those side effects and they are only for a day or two. There are no long term side effects from this. Once we can get enough people vaccinated then we can start going out without a mask, visiting friends without a mask, go to a movie, to a restaurant, to a show/concert, and even travel without masks."

My goal is to be your partner in health. With a COVID-19 vaccine, we can prevent you from getting sick. We can also help stop this dangerous virus from spreading in our community and allow life to get back to normal.  


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