PACE – For Chronic Pain Patients



PACE Stands For:

P – Planning, Pacing, Practicing Pleasant events & Preventing flare-ups

A – Accepting, Adapting & Action Oriented

C – Connecting, Communication & Coping with flares-ups

E – Energizing sleep, Exercise, Enjoyment & Environment

PACE – For Chronic Pain Patients

Do you suffer from back pain, headaches, achy joints, fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuropathy or any other chronic pain? We know your pain is real and we want to help. Attend our PACE classes to learn new ways to manage your pain to help increase your quality of life.

“I had no idea that life could be better. Thank you for helping me to take better care of myself.”

– Suzie, PACE Class Participant 2015

Through PACE, You Will Learn About

      • The latest information and medical research about chronic pain and how it affects our body and mind.
      • Different ways to approach and cope with the symptoms
      • New ways to prevent and manage flare-ups

I wish everybody knew that life can get better, even with a chronic condition. PACE helped me to start enjoying my life again.

– John, Pace Class Participant 2013

PACE – Class Info

PACE Classes are temporarily suspended. Please talk with your Medical Provider to learn more about chronic pain resources and support. We will update this page when classes resume.

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