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Meet Our Team – Manena Ng’ambi (Diabetes Program / Classes)

Meet Our Team – Manena Ng’ambi (Diabetes Program / Classes)

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One of the newest members of the Chapa-De team is Manena Ng’ambi, the Diabetes Program Manager. Manena joined Chapa-De earlier this year. As Program Manager, Manena oversees the Diabetes Program and works with team members to provide excellent care to patients.

The Diabetes Program at Chapa-De Indian Health focuses on the prevention and management of diabetes. The program offers a variety of group classes and education courses. The mission of the program is help patients establish health goals and provide them with tools and support needed to accomplish those goals.

The classes and courses offered by the Diabetes Program thrive through teamwork. Working together with patients and working with other providers are both important parts of the program. As the Diabetes Program Manager, Manena values both kinds of teamwork. She said, “I love working at Chapa-De because it feels like a family. The staff are friendly, and the administration believes in a patient first model.”

Manena has many daily tasks in her role. Some tasks include managing program grants, helping to find resources for patients, and fostering partnerships between departments.  Working with providers across different departments is very important for patient care. “Teamwork is a critical component in assisting the clients. It minimizes the delays in service to help provide the best care possible.” 

Participating in patient classes and groups is another part of Manena’s role. During these classes she enjoys being able to cheer on patients. She said “I am always amazed by the resilience and drive our clients have to lose weight and live healthier lifestyles. I enjoy being able to see people successfully bring down their A1C’s and manage their diabetes independently. I love hearing these stories in support groups.”

As a provider of care, Manena believes in being open and honest with patients about their health and treatment plans. She said, “A patient once told me that she wished she had been told the truth about how her life would change when she was diagnosed. She was instead told that life would be the same. Her powerful statement has taught me to be as realistic with clients as possible when providing care. I try not to sugar coat things. This can help clients more readily accept the changes that need to occur for their health.”

Manena received a Bachelors in Nursing from Stevenson University. She also has a Masters in Community & Economic Development from Pennsylvania State University.

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