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Chapa-De Health & Wellness Services

Chapa-De Indian Health Auburn Grass Valley | Medical Clinic

Here at Chapa-De, our goal is to empower our patients to be well and have healthy lives. As your health partner, we promise to provide accurate information, helpful tools and the support you need to take charge of your health each day. One of the best tools we can offer is knowledge. This is why we host free health education classes each day on a wide range of topics.

Health and Wellness Classes at Chapa-De

Each of us has our own health goals and concerns. Some of us want to know the best way to manage a chronic condition like diabetes or hypertension. Others wonder if there are ways to relieve ongoing, chronic pain without medications. Many need help to quit smoking or to lose weight. Our education classes are free and open to all Chapa-De patients. They provide easy to understand information, the opportunity for attendees to share ideas and tips with each other, and dedicated time to focus on our own health so that we can continue to care for those we love most.

Class Schedule

We offer classes every week, Monday thru Friday. Some of our classes include:

  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Diabetes Empowerment
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Blood Pressure Workshop
  • Weight Loss Fundamentals

In addition to these classes, which are designed to teach you about certain medical topics, we also offer group exercise and yoga classes to support your physical activity goals.

Click HERE for a complete schedule of our Health and Wellness classes.

Meet Our Team!

Margreet Adriani and Jay Sanchez are Lifestyle Coaches and have been working at Chapa-De for many years.

Their mission is to help patients make their health a priority. From diabetes prevention and management to healthy eating and exercising, Margreet and Jay are experts at providing patients the resources that they need to sustain positive lifestyle changes throughout their lives.

“Many patients are taking care of others and at times sacrifice their own health in process” says Margreet. And Jay agrees. Jay began his profession in healthcare after noticing how much better he felt when he started to make healthy lifestyle changes. He understands the steps necessary to produce lasting results. Jay says that he is able to identify with patient’s concerns and that taking the first step is always the hardest.

Margreet and Jay are a dynamic team and are ready to assist any patient that needs help taking that first step and creating a healthier life for themselves and those around them.

For more information, please click HERE or call our Auburn location at (530) 887-2800 or our Grass Valley location at (530) 477-8545 or visit us online at



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